What is Coaching



Coaching is a way of supporting people to move forward. It is about creating a supportive environment where clients can explore situations and periods they are finding difficult. It can also develop their learning, resilience and confidence. It will empower clients to achieve goals and fulfil their potential.

Everyone experiences anxiety and low moods at times. In fact these are entirely natural, and with appropriate and skilled listening and exploration, these can become healthy experiences where people can grow and move forward.

Coaching in a nutshell

How it works

It’s very simple and flexible, and entirely focussed on you. Sessions would be 50-60 minutes, for up to 6 weekly sessions.


You could try a session to see if it is something you would wish to continue with, with no obligation at all. The focus is entirely on helping you.

An initial assessment to see whether Coaching would be appropriate, free of charge


Sessions are costed at between £10-£40 depending on salary. Sessions are available via remote or face to face. If you would like to make an appointment, or discuss this further, please info@burtonmind.co.uk

  • Helping people find a way forward at work or in their personal lives.

  • Helping people through difficult periods and situations.

  • Empowering people to fulfil their potential.

  • Listening.

  • Principally focussed on the present and future.

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Examples of where Coaching might help:

  • Loss of confidence, lack of direction

  • Anxiety in relation to particular situations

  • Exploring purpose and meaning

  • Dealing with specific situations, such as a conflict, interview, meeting or presentation

  • Developing career plans and strategies

  • Just needing someone to talk to, who will listen

Burton and District Mind also offer independent counselling services. Please see Adult Counselling section for further details.

​All initial appointments are subject to a telephone counselling assessment.

For coaching to be beneficial it is important to attend regular weekly appointments. If you are unable to attend an arranged appointment it is essential that you give us as much notice as possible. A message can be left at any time on our voicemail facility. If you fail to cancel in good time you may lose that session and if you miss two appointments without contacting us we will assume that you don’t wish to continue with the sessions.