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Employability Services

Supporting people with mental health problems into meaningful and rewarding work

Helping people find work that works for them!

Burton and District Mind are conducting a development project to explore how to best support people with mental health problems into employment.

If you wish to be a part of our Project Steering Group, please use our Contact Form.

Do you wish to improve your mental well-being?


Would you like help to remove barriers in accessing support and advice, careers support and education? 


Would you like to receive help from one of our coaches and counsellors?

It is foreseen we will provide:

  • A one to one pathway meeting – a tailored support plan to identify individual needs.

  • One to one coaching and counselling - exploring the psychological barriers to working.

  • Small group courses – mental health awareness and wellbeing courses.

  • One to one support – breaking down barriers when accessing health advice, careers support or education.

How to Contact Us:

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