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Time To Talk Day 2024!

What is that? 

This is an annual awareness day that takes place at the start of February, where the aim is for us all across the UK to start a conversation about mental health. This is something ran by Mind and Rethink Mental Illness and is being delivered through a partnership with Co-Op. 

It is a day where workplaces, friends, families, and communities have the chance to come together to talk, listen and hopefully change lives. It is so important that we have more conversations about the topic of mental health, as through doing so can assist in creating better lives for everyone! 

Mental health is not always the easiest topic to talk about whether that be because it's something that could be quite an emotional experience or perhaps you aren’t sure whether or not the people around you are open to having such a conversation. As a result of this, it can make it harder in some ways to say how you are truly feeling and perhaps instead say things like “I’m fine” instead. 

So #TimetoTalk is a day which truly encourages all conversation about mental health, with the hopes of breaking down some of the barriers/stigmas of such a topic! 

Why is talking about our mental health so important?

Mental health is something that impacts all of us in some way or the other. It’s about how we as people think, feel or act. It’s also something that can vary where sometimes you may be feeling very positive but on others you may be feeling very low and that can lead to struggles in your everyday life. 

1 in 4 of us across the UK experience a mental health problem in any given year. It is so important that people experiencing these mental health problems both feel able to seek support and know of the support available. That they don’t have to experience it alone. 

The more we talk about mental health the more we can also challenge the stigmas surrounding the topic, and hopefully encourage more people to talk to the people around them about how they are truly feeling.

Talking about mental health is also a fantastic opportunity to create more awareness and education around the subject. It is such a varied and complex subject so it is completely understandable not everyone knows all the ins and outs but through open conversations it is a chance to share accurate information and dispel any false myths! 

It is also something that will hopefully encourage early intervention which can mean mental health problems are managed effectively! The more we talk about mental health the more likely someone may recognise the signs and symptoms in themselves or others, which can prevent the escalation of the mental health problems. 

And lastly with what could be one of the most important parts is that it creates a supportive community. When individuals feel comfortable sharing their experiences, there is a greater sense of understanding and empathy. Loneliness and isolation can be common challenges when it comes to mental health so having this community in place can be a truly wonderful part in enabling people to have a safe, judgement free support system! 

How can you get involved! 

The main way you can get involved is by starting a conversation whether it be with friends, family, colleagues, fellow students or even just members of your community! 

If you are unsure of how you can start the conversation, sometimes even just a “Hey how are you?” can lead to great chats so why not give it a go.

If you do have a conversation about mental health, we’d love to know about it so please do use #TimetoTalk which will also hopefully encourage more people to join in too!

You can also find out more helpful information all about #TimetoTalk day through checking out the website here ->

If you would like to use some FREE resources for the day that can also be found here ->

Together we can make sure that everyone feels open in talking about their mental health 💖


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