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Activity Projects:
Mindfulness, Sports, Arts, Nature

How to Register

Please note that all Activity Groups are subject on funding being available to support them. Keep a check on this page and on our News page for more information.
If you are a fundraiser and would like to sponsor a group, please click here.

To register or refer to any of the Projects listed on this page, please use the  Register Online Button at

For more information about any of the projects, please email

or call 01283 566696 (office hours)

Sports Activities

Bat and Chat Cricket
Bat and Chat Aug23.png

New for 2023 - register NOW to start 11 August 2023. 

Building on our incredible Walk and Talk Football, we are introducing Bat & Chat Cricket

6 weeks of light cricket activity and the opportunity to meet new people and chat about what's going on for you. 

This project is funded by Mind and we work with a Coach from Rolleston Cricket Club and Remedies: Mind, Body, Soul.

Eco-therapy Groups

Our eco-therapy groups meet weekly and participate in gardening, nature walks and nature-based arts.

Our programmes of work are designed to help you to do more for yourself and will also connect you with similar projects in the area that you can join once you have built your confidence.


Ecotherapy can make a significant difference in how you feel, for example by helping you feel more grounded, providing an alternative perspective on life, and helping your mind and body to relax. 

It can:

  • Reduce depression

  • Reduce anger

  • Reduce feelings of anxiety and stress

  • Improve your mood and self-esteem

  • Increase your emotional resilience.

“I love that I have learnt to make time for myself and taking that time to appreciate the surroundings more.”

Our Ecotherapy Projects are run in partnership with Muddy Boots, Forest Harvest, and Remedies: Mind, Body, Soul.



Mindfulness refers to a range of techniques you can learn which involves making a special effort to notice what's happening in the present moment (in your mind, body and surroundings). It has roots in meditation, but you don't have to be spiritual, or have any particular beliefs, to try it.

What are the benefits of Mindfulness?

It aims to help you:

  • Become more self-aware.

  • Feel calmer and less stressed.

  • Feel more able to choose how to respond to your thoughts and feelings.

  • Cope with difficult or unhelpful thoughts.

  • Be kinder towards yourself.

We are now planning our next programme of work.

If you would like to be kept informed of when we are next running sessions again, please register your interest.

Our Mindfulness sessions are run in partnership with 'Holistic Massage By Lalita'

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