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Our Mission

Improving mental health across East Staffordshire, Lichfield District and Tamworth Borough

We are Burton and District Mind.

  • We are your local mental health charity affiliated to Mind: the leading mental health charity in England & Wales.

  • We cover East Staffordshire, Lichfield District & Tamworth Borough.

  • We have been supporting people with lived experience of mental health problems across our community since 1991.

  • We will not give up until everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets both support and respect

Our Vision

Our vision is for everyone in our community to experience better mental health.

Our Mission

We provide advice and support to empower everyone to experience better mental health.

Our Services

We support over 3,000 people a year through:

  • Community help and guidence

  • Counselling & Coaching services

  • Activity projects, including Mindfulness, Sports and Nature Projects

  • One to One Recovery Services

  • Distress Services

  • Floating Support Services

  • Workplace Health Services

  • Volunteer Programme

Our Charity Status

We are a registered charity in England and Wales #1140492.
Our governing documents are available on request.

As a charity:

  • We can accept and use donations. We even claim tax back from the Government on personal donations through the Gift Aid scheme.

  • We can ask people to donate their skills and time as volunteers.

  • We report annually to the Charity Commission with evidence of our benefit to the public and our audited accounts.

  • We are overseen by a Board of Trustees, who kindly volunteer their time and expertise.

We are registered as a company in England, #7438326, with Companies House.

Our registered office is:

67 Branston Road

Burton on Trent

DE14 3BY

Our Quality Standards

Our commitment to quality is evaluated by the Mind Quality Mark accreditation standard. We were last awared the MQM in August 2023.


You can find a selection of our policies and procedures here.

In this short video, kindly produced by Making Trails, our Development and Sustainability Officer talks about the charity and why it is important to the community.

Our Values

​Our work is underpinned by our values:

  • Service and Quality

  • Integrity

  • Client Focus

  • Respect

  • Inclusivity

  • Collaboration

  • Sustainability

Our services are planned, coproduced and evaluated.  Our approach is person-centred and recovery-driven. Our team is trained and supervised. Our trustees and our participants are involved in our decisions.  Our information governance and health & safety commitments comply with industry standards. Our funding and spending is managed and overseen by our Board of Trustees.

We believe in community collaboration. We proudly work with other voluntary, community or social enterprise sector organisations in both informal and formal partnerships. This includes agreements to share participants, knowledge, training, skills, contracts and funding. We help:

  • individuals with great ideas to get them to fruition.

  • smaller charities with development and funding ideas.

  • larger charities, NHS and local authorities understand what's happening at grass roots level.

You'll find out more about some of this work in our news stories.

Our Funding

We are affilated with Mind, but our funding decisions are made locally. We receive no central funding from Mind.

Some of our services are funded by local NHS. Some projects are funded by community grants (some of which are supported by Mind).
Other projects and intiatives are funded by YOUR FUNDRAISING.

How to Contact Us:

We are proud to be part of Mind

Even though 1 in 4 people have mental health problems, most of us don’t get the help we need.
We're fighting for mental health. For support. For respect. For you.
You can find out more about Mind, the tireless work we do nationally, and lots of other helpful information about self-care and treatment here.


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