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Mental health isn't a choice; recovery is.

Mental health is an important aspect of our lives that affects our overall wellbeing, but it is also a topic that is often stigmatised or misunderstood. While there has been an increasing awareness of mental health issues, there are still many things that people don't talk about when it comes to mental health.

This Week for #MentalhealthAwarenessWeek we feel this is a fantastic opportunity to talk about some of these things…

It is important to know that mental health struggles may not always be visible. Whilst they may be as debilitating as physical health issues, from the outside you may not be able to tell. For example, someone who often seems to be very cheerful, light-hearted and positive on the outside, may actually be dealing with things such as anxiety, depression or PTSD on the inside. This is why it is so important we encourage people to talk about how they are feeling so that we can make sure no one is suffering alone.

There is never anything wrong with seeking help for your mental health. Unfortunately, there is still a major stigma surrounding seeking support but we really want to make sure people know it is okay to ask for help. Reaching out can be a powerful first step towards healing.

Mental health can truly affect anyone, regardless of age, gender, religion or background. If you are experiencing mental health struggles that isn’t a bad thing about you, it is a common human experience.

Everyone has their own ways and methods to cope, and whilst those methods work for that person they may not work in the same ways for another. This is because everyone’s experience is and always will be different. This is why it is important to try and find coping strategies that work best for you, whether that be therapy, mindfulness techniques, exercise, reading or something else!

Recovery is a process, and probably won’t be straightforward. It is important that you are patient with yourself as you recover and avoid putting too much pressure if you feel you aren’t recovering at the pace you’d like to be. You may experience setbacks along the way but that is okay, you just need to keep going and celebrate the small victories.

Mental health can have impacts on relationships with the people around you, which is why communicating openly about what you are experiencing is very important. This way you can identify any boundaries you need to have set, or support needed.

Mental health is a complex part of life, but hopefully, through raising awareness to many of the things that come with it, we can begin to help as many people as possible take that first step in getting through it!

It’s important to remember that you really are never alone and there is help available. Whether that be the people around you or mental health professionals such as ourselves here at Burton and District Mind. We are here for you.

You can find more information about the services we have available here ->

Get in touch today and make you first steps towards better mental health…

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