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Our Eco-Therapy is back!

Starting on Tuesday the 18th of April from 10am -12pm!

This is really a fantastic way to support your mental health and well-being… being around nature whilst also spending time around others who may be experiencing something similar to yourself.


What is Eco-Therapy?

Ecotherapy is a formal type of therapeutic treatment, which involves taking part in outdoor activity whilst immersed in a natural environment; such as walking or gardening. It puts the focus on doing the activity rather than health and is also led by a qualified trained professional.

Mental health can often be a lonely experience, because for whatever reason you may not feel comfortable talking to the people around you about what you are experiencing or how you are feeling.

This loneliness can then further negatively affect your mental health.

Truly highlighting the importance of spending time around others, especially when done through a safe, judgement free environment such as Eco-Therapy.


The sessions are great for…

- Your mental and physical well-being through bringing nature into your everyday life.

- Improving your mood.

- Giving you an activity to focus on and distract you from any stressful things that may be going on in life.

- Allowing you to socialise with others.

- Becoming more active


We are very excited to be bringing these sessions back after the brilliant success of our past Eco-Therapy services, which is highly reflected through some of the feedback…

“The sessions are wonderful. They improve my day and well-being.”

“Meeting other people in the same boat was great. We had a laugh together and it was educational. It was something to look forward to and it was lovely to meet new people. After the first class everyone was chatting like old friends. It’s like we all understood each with our own journey”.

If you are interested in finding out more information or Registering for these sessions, you can do so here:

Contact us: 01283 566696

Email :


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