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June is Pride Month

We’re here all year round for anyone who’s LGBTQIA+. But Pride is a special time to celebrate, to protest, and to reflect.

Stonewall in 2022 noted that 52% of people identifying as LGBTQIA+ reported experiencing depression within the last year. This compares with the Office of National Statistics reporting 16% of general population with depression over the same period.

6.1% of the populaion of Staffordshire identify as LGBTQIA+, but only 5% of our counselling clients, and 4% of our activity participants identify in this way.

It is clear: Burton and District Mind has to do more to support people from our LGBTQIA+ audiences. #NoMindLeftBehind

Therefore we are using Pride Month to annouce two new developments:

  1. A new steering group called Expression in order to explore how Burton and District Mind can be more useful and welcoming to the LGBTQIA+ audiences. This will take place over a series of 9 meetings (Fridays) - which are to held face to face and online. In a similar manner to our successful Sideways Steering Group, we'll be exploring what's avaiable, what's missing, what's important to you and your wellbeing and identify what we need to change! You can sign up to Expression now.

  2. A developing partnership with Burton Pride to support delivery of fundraising events and a volunteer programme, which will lead Burton on Trent having it's own Pride event on 2025.

We’re here to support anyone on mental health. But if you need specific LGBTQIA+ mental health support, this page on the Mind website has information on where you can find it.


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