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Eco-Therapy is back!

Our wonderful Eco–Therapy sessions are back! 

We are so excited to be back from our 4-week break and continuing our Eco-Therapy Course! 

We were incredibly happy with our last course, in which our group truly came together to experience the many benefits that nature can have on our mental health. Whether we were all forest bathing at the Washlands, or getting involved in some crafts using natural materials! One example was our bug hotel. 

For our course starting this month, we have lots to look forward to such as…

- More education around planting, growing and creating a healthy lifestyle using the things we grow in the garden!

- More forest bathing experiences

- Mindfulness techniques

- Crafting using nature and other items!

In a time where so much of our lives can be technology-driven, the importance of connecting with nature again for our mental and emotional well-being can truly not be overstated. It gives us that chance for us to take a break from many of the stresses that come with technology such as dealing with social media. 

(We have spoken about some of these stresses in our previous blog posts, one of which can be found here and could be worth a read if you are interested in learning more about the ways to look after your mental health this year! -> )

If you are interested in finding out more information about our Eco-Therapy sessions, you can do so today! 

All you need to do to refer yourself or someone else is visit the website below… and Click ‘Register Online Now’

If you are interested in finding out what other services we have available, we have lots of information over on our website here ->


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