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Ecotherapy Roadshow

Ecotherapy Summer Roadshow

Burton and District Mind will be joining up with Muddy Boots, Self Sufficient Children and Corborough Community Centre to deliver Ecotherapy sessions throughout the summer.

What is Ecotherapy?

Ecotherapy is a formal type of therapeutic treatment which involves doing some sort of outdoor activity in a nature environment, such as walking or gardening. It puts the focus on doing the activity rather than health and is also lead by a qualified trained professional.

Through this, it can be a great opportunity to spend time with other people who are also engaging in the activity, that that have had experiences with their mental health too. Often mental health can be a very lonely experience because you are afraid to talk to the people around you about what you are going through due to fear of judgement or them not understanding mental health. However, Ecotherapy is done in a safe environment where people will be completely understanding about what you have gone through with no judgement.

Taking part in Ecotherapy can be very good for your mental and physical well-being through bringing nature into your everyday life. It could:

Improve your mood,

Give you an activity to focus on and distract you from any stressful things in your life.

Allow you to have the chance to socialise with others

Become more active.

Our past Ecotherapy services are something to which we have been very proud of due to their quality, which is highly reflected in the feedback that we have received.

“The sessions are wonderful. They improve my day and well-being.”

“Meeting other people in the same boat was great. We had a laugh together and it was educational. It was something to look forward to and it was lovely to meet new people. After the first class everyone was chatting like old friends. It’s like we all understood each with our own journey”.

Here is some more information on who we will be joining up with!

Self Sufficient Children

Thursdays: 9:30am-11:30am

A session every week starting from 14th July, with the last session on the 1st September!

251 Lichfield Street, Fazeley, Tamworth, B78 3QF

Muddy Boots

Mondays 10 am-12pm

Sessions every Monday starting from the 11th and last session on the 29th August.

67a, Branston Road, Burton-on-Trent, DE14 3BY

Curborough Community Centre

Fridays and Tuesdays 1pm-3pm

Sessions starting from Friday 16th September.

Curborough Community Centre, Reynolds Close, Lichfield, WS13 7NY

If you wish to sign up to our amazing Ecotherapy sessions, you can do so through the following ->

Call -> 01283 566696

email ->

We really hope we will see you there at our Ecotherapy Summer Roadshow. Let’s make this a great summer, whilst also looking after our mental health!


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