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Join our team!

At Burton and District Mind we believe it is important for you, our community, to get to know our team and understand why we are the best people to entrust your mental health with. Our team are incredibly qualified to deliver the best possible care. Over the coming weeks we will begin to introduce you members of our team. We hope you enjoy getting to know us.

What’s your name and role?

Keri Lawrence, Development and Sustainability Officer. It’s my role to understand the needs of the community, build the team, the projects and to find the funding to meet these needs.

If you are happy sharing, what are the qualifications or key experiences you have that really help you in this role?

I have a first class degree in Religious Studies. I have extensive vocational training in mental health and have previously been a Senior Trainer in two organisations with reference to mental health. I also have been a Chief Officer for a mental health participation and representation charity.

What do you do to keep yourself well? Even better if this is something you tell others to do…

I walk to work every day I can and am lucky enough to walk along the river much of the way – today I’ve seen ducks, geese, swans, squirrels and even a heron! Not a bad start to the day. I do ensure I take time for family and for myself – staying busy is crucial to my mental health, but not necessarily the same busy all the time.

If you had the opportunity to do something really amazing, what would it be?

Give hope and inspiration to everyone with a mental health problem within our service area. To make sure that everyone understands that it is vital to talk, and we are listening. That they are worth the help and together we’ll find them help.

Thank you for reading this week’s Meet the Team. Over the coming weeks you’ll be getting to know more and more of us.


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