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Local Finance Company Sponsors Mental Health Peer Support Group

‘All Wills and Trusts’ have kindly donated £250 for Burton and District Mind’s Peer Support Group, which has been helping people through the pandemic over Zoom since Spring 2020.

Our community is in a mental health emergency. The pandemic has had a devastating effects on vulnerable people with existing mental health problems, with increased loneliness and poverty. Even more concerning is, we have seen a rapid and lasting increase in people showing the tell-tale signs and symptoms of mental health problems, such as anxiety and depression. Furthermore, we are now seeing emotional burnout from frontline staff, carers and those key family members who look after everyone else.

Burton and District Mind provides a range of counselling services, supported by mindfulness, eco-therapy, workplace health, peer support and employability & tenancy services.

Typically, we see 3000 people a year, but in 2022 we need to support many more. The generous sponsorship from All Wills and Trusts will enable us to help even more people through the provision of self-help groups to meet the needs of the community over Zoom.

This puts people who are experts by experience at the heart of the delivery of mental health services, whilst helping their personal development, recovery and employability.

Our previous Peer Support by Zoom project was funded by the Consolidated Charity of Burton upon Trent. It was rated 83 out of 100 on the ‘Friends and Family’ question, and the average rating for positive impact to mental health was 8.8 out of 10.

“I have been very impressed, especially during the pandemic, lots of services were not useable and closed but Mind were very accessible.”

“The group has helped guide me through. It helped put my feelings put into perspective and this made me feel very valid for having those thoughts. I enjoyed the goal setting at the end – it gives you something else to focus on. The dedication that was put into the group made me feel valued and was very appreciated.”

This generous sponsorship will power our message across Staffordshire for post-pandemic recovery:

Please talk, we are listening. You are worth the help and together we’ll find you help.


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