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Men's Health Week!

This #MensHealthWeek let’s talk about Men’s Mental Health and the stigmas that can surround it. Together we can help more and more men come forward to talk about what they are going through.

Just like everyone else men can experience mental health problems and the struggles that come with that. In fact, here are some important statistics surrounding this.

TW/ Mention of suicide

- Three times as men compared to women take their own lives.

- Currently men within the age range 40-49 have the highest suicide rates in the UK.

- More than two in five men (43%) say they regularly feel worried or low. This has increased from 37% in 2009.

- Suicide has been the leading cause of death for men under 35

- Men are also less likely to access therapies than women.

So it brings up an important question, why are men less likely to access mental health services?

Negative stigmas often play a large factor in to this. Men are regularly seen as this stereotype where they are meant to be stoic, strong and for the most part rarely showing emotions. This can often result in men feeling like they need to hide how they are truly feeling instead of talking to others. This can have negative effects on mental health.

Or some cases men might think things like “I’m fine, I’m sure things will get better. Just needs time” instead of proactively seeking help. Whether this be because of stigmas, fears of cost or they have no time. Regardless they aren’t getting the help that they need.

So in our bit to help this #MensHealthWeek and even Father’s Day on Sunday, it could be a good idea to see how the men in our lives are doing. Whilst also remembering the following:

Men do cry, men have panic attacks, men have insecurities, men deserve support, men feel emotions and lastly men go to therapy. There is nothing weak about accepting you need help and reaching out. In fact, it is the opposite and can be the start of getting you on a road to improving your life.

Even something like ensuring you have a strong support system such as family and friends can make a big impact. We also offer many services here at Burton and District Mind, that are led by some of our amazing team in a completely safe and judgement free zone.

The feedback speaks for it self

"I would 100% recommend Burton and District Mind! The staff are absolutely brilliant and so understanding, they don’t judge and are so understanding with your circumstances they always make you feel comfortable as someone who didn’t find #mentalhealth easy to talk about, they helped me understand and go through everything with you. Can’t thank them enough."

So this #MensHealthWeek please reach out to us, and begin the first step towards good mental health. We are here for you.

We are the Mental Health Charity for Burton, Lichfield and Tamworth, and have been since 1991.


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