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Mental health and Charity

When it comes to mental health and charity many people may want to help out but unfortunately do not know how exactly they can get involved. Hopefully by the end of this blog post we can change that!

There are several different ways you as a member of the community can get involved and help out with us at Burton and District Mind. These include donations, fundraising, volunteering or even just sharing and liking our posts across social media.

Liking and sharing our posts can help out?

This is a great way of ensuring more and more people out there will see our posts and as a result will learn about our different services. It may not feel like you are doing much but it really is a massive help! So please when you see us on your feed as you are scrolling by, consider dropping a like or a share. The more people we reach the more we can help and support.

Fundraising is also a great way of raising money for us and you can do this in any way you wish to do. For example, you may have an interest in running so you decide to raise money with a sponsored run or maybe you like to game so you could do a 24-hour stream! It’s whatever you feel like doing. However, if you’d prefer to just donate that is totally okay too. You can find out how to donate here!

We may be affiliated to Mind but we are an independent charity in our own right, so this means that we are responsible for raising our own funds. So every penny raised goes towards ensuring that we can continue to support local people’s mental health and wellbeing.

Want to know what your donations will support?

£5 helps to send out information packs

£10 provides training for one of our volunteers

£40 helps provide a one to one counselling or therapy session

£50 helps us to run a mindfulness group in our local community.

We seriously massively appreciate every donation we receive!

And lastly you could always work with us! We have several volunteering Opportunities available so if you’d be up for getting involved in that way it can be a really great experience. Through this it really lets you see some of the great work that gets done at Burton and District Mind whilst also getting some hands on experience. More information how the opportunities available can be found here:

Together we can come together as a community to help as many people as possible get the help and support that they deserve for their mental health.

Thank you all.


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