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Mental Health and Summer

With temperatures over the last week almost reaching 40°C in some parts of the UK it is completely reasonable and justified to be feeling some stress and anxiety about this. Whether it be from struggling to cope with the high temperatures or more long-term worries about what this means for the environment in the future and the impacts of global warming. Hopefully, we are past the worst of the heat for now, but throughout this blog post, we want to talk about some ways how you can best look after your mental health throughout this summer!

Limiting social media consumption – If you find that you are starting to become increasingly stressed, worried or anxious about the current state of the environment, seeing more talk about that on social media will only make it worse. So to avoid this, you could try and limit the amount of time you

are viewing social media or instead limit the posts that you see. On Twitter, they have a function that allows you to mute certain words so posts featuring them will remain hidden from you. Hopefully, this will reduce any further stress being put on

Staying safe – During Summer and times of high temperatures, it is absolutely vital that you are looking after yourself by drinking lots of water and making sure to not be spending too much time out in the sun. If you do go out in the sun, make sure to use sun cream!

Being active – Summer can be a good time to try and become more active. Being active and getting exercise can have a positive impact on both your physical and mental health. It is also a good opportunity to spend some time outside with nature! Just make sure not to stay too long out in the sun, especially on very hot days.

Being more environmentally aware – During times when you are feeling particularly stressed or anxious regarding the environment, it could be a good idea to learn more about different ways how you can protect the environment! Whether that be joining groups or just doing more from home!

Hopefully, these tips will help you out a little bit! If you’d like to get involved in something involving nature we have our amazing Ecotherapy Groups which are a truly great opportunity to get out and about whilst spending some time with other people.

You can find more information about that here ->


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