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Orton and Spooner Book Crowdfunder!

Back when we did our interview with Tilley Bancroft from the Making trails team, she mentioned how the original idea of doing something to do with carousels for this trail came from Elaine Pritchard.

“That's the wonderful Elaine Pritchard who was our copywriter. So Elaine is probably one of the most creative people I've ever met. She’s one of those people who just sniff out stories so she'd been chatting with some people

she knows locally who actually are descendants of some of the original carousel horse artists. Orton and Spooner.

That's where she discovered about Alton and Spooner, who are a world-renowned fairground and caravan manufacturing company that Burtonians don't really know much about. So it's this really niche interesting piece of local heritage that nobody around here knows about. It's actually more well-known in America.” – Tilley Bancroft

Elaine is now also going to be writing a book all about Orton and Spooner with the help of their descendants, Paula and Cath of the Howell family. This book will be published alongside ‘The Big Burton Carousel’ Trail in October. Through this book, they will continue supporting us here at Burton and District Mind as it releases alongside the auction in October. This event will be where they will be auctioning off some of the beautifully designed carousel horses that have been placed along the trail.

Due to publishing costs, Elaine has asked for some support to help with that, there are different tiers of support that you can do and each has its own rewards! Such as if you support £40 or more you can have your name or the name of your business listed in the book’s acknowledgement section.

Any support with this would be greatly appreciated!

More information can be found here ->


his is a really great project and we are incredibly grateful for the ongoing support from the Making Trails Team. Together let’s celebrate some Burton Upon Trent History!


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