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This #Pride we truly want to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community as much as we can. That is why over the past few weeks we’ve had a fair few different posts all about #Pride and celebrating the things that make ourselves different, as well as also talking about the challenges that members of the LGBTQ+ community may experience.

These are challenges such as bigotry, discrimination, isolation and many more. As a result, it is understandable that these challenges can often take a toll on one their mental health and make things even harder.

In a world where acceptance and love are so fundamental to our well-being, it is essential that we promote self-love with the LGBTQ+ in the hopes of helping people be able to celebrate who they are!


Here are some ways that can help create a safe space for people within the LGBTQ+ community…

1) Embrace authenticity.

In today’s society, there may be a lot of different expectations as to who and what we need to be, however through self-love and accepting our differences we can empower people to be who they truly are without fear of having to be something else.

2) Celebrating diversity.

Everyone is different in many different ways, whether it be to do with their sexuality, race, gender, religion or even their journey. As a society, we should be celebrating this diversity and respecting the identities of people around us.

3) Providing support networks.

In any part of life, it really is so important to be there for the people around us. As well as for ourselves to have support networks in place for the times that we are struggling.

4) Educate and raise awareness.

Together we need to educate people on more aspects of the LGBTQ+ community whether that be by spreading knowledge of the different sexualities, gender identities and the challenges that they face. Through this, we can create a more accepting community with things such as discrimination, stigma and prejudice reduced.

5) Encouraging self-care.

It is always so important to prioritise yourself and make sure that you are looking after yourself. This means it is okay to step away from triggering situations or people.

There is also lots of support available for you should you need support. At Burton and District Mind, we are here for everyone and have a wide variety of services. You can find out more about them here ->

Please talk to us today.

Phone: 0183 566696




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