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Service Spotlight!

Welcome to our first-ever edition of our Service Spotlight!

At Burton and District Mind, throughout the year we offer many different fantastic services that will all be suited to different needs. We are so proud of these services and the quality that they are delivered by our amazing team, so we really want to do more to highlight this.

So we are now going to be doing Service Spotlights, which will involve a new service being selected every few weeks, which will hopefully show off the service whilst also introducing you to some of the team that are behind it.

Through this, we hope people will feel more comfortable and interested in giving these services a go, and not just feel they’re going straight in at the deep end.

So let’s introduce our first Service Spotlight...

Our Burton Library Listening Spaces!

This is a service; we believe offers a great introduction into accepting support for your mental health.

With it being an open FREE space where you can show up without having booked or anything like that, it allows people to come in and have a chat without the added pressure that having a scheduled meeting may bring with it.

Through this, you can truly begin the conversation about mental health maybe identifying things in life you may be struggling with, which could also progress into one of our fantastic team members who run the Listening Space introducing you to some of other services available.

Mental health can be a daunting scary thing, but to have someone there in the early steps to give you a bit of support and show the right direction can truly be amazing.

It can also be absolutely fantastic if you are just someone who would like to go down and have a conversation with someone!

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