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Stress Awareness!

April is Stress Awareness Month!

A month that has been dedicated to raising awareness of the causes and ways of coping with stress since 1992.

So what exactly is stress?

Stress is how we react when put under pressure, or threatened so this could normally occur in a situation we do not feel like we can manage or control. For example, you could become stressed trying to get a piece of work done or getting through a difficult family ordeal. Though stress is not always considered to be a bad thing and is often our body to enable us to get through a dangerous situation or complete tasks. Sometimes people work at their best when they are stressed/under pressure such as those who leave work until the last possible minute!

However, if not managed stress can become overwhelming and at that point will become a problem. Whilst stress is not exactly considered to be a mental health problem it is still connected in some ways. For example, those who experience heavy amounts of stress could develop anxiety or depression.

This is why it is important we as a community talk to each other about stress, whether it be through or helping each other through stressful times of our lives or just sharing different methods of coping. Every conversation and awareness brought to stress could help someone.

A few months ago we spoke about some different ways of coping that you could find useful!

This leads on to the next point, the theme of this year’s Stress Awareness Month is Community!

So this could be a great opportunity to talk to those around you whether they be friends, family, colleagues about stress and raise awareness to something that affects almost all of us in some way.

Additionally, if you or someone you know is struggling to cope with stress and is beginning to have a negative effect on mental health please talk to us.

We are here for you.

Let us help you.


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