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Talking About Your Mental Health

Talking about your mental health can understandably be very difficult. It could include feeling worried about people treating you differently, the stigmas of mental health, or you might not be used to opening yourself up like that. However, just like your physical health, it is important to make sure you are receiving the help you deserve if something is wrong. It is not a sign of weakness at all. Just talking to someone about what is going can be good for a number of reasons.

1) It might help you feel less alone. Having someone there alongside you to talk about when you are struggling can really help with this, instead of you trying to deal with everything by yourself. They could be there to listen or maybe you can bounce ideas off them to try and work

2) You will start to build your own support network. If you don’t tell anyone you are struggling and try to get through everything without seeking help, more often than not it can just make things worse. Whereas a support network can be there to help when you need it!

3) Breaking down stigmas of mental health. We spoke about the importance of this previously which can be found at:

So what are we doing at Burton and District Mind?

We offer high quality services that are led by our qualified professional team, who are dedicated to ensuring anyone who needs help will get the best possible care. Our range of services are there to make sure people that need help have a variety of options and can get help that suits their needs. You can find more about our fantastic services here:

For instance, as part of our Community Help Service, we have a listening space service at the Burton Library every other Wednesday to answer any potential questions people may have about mental health and the local services available.

National Mind also offers Side by Side, a new online service with the aim of connecting people with shared experiences of mental health problems whether that be for yourself or trying to help someone else. This is a place to listen, share and be heard. If this is something you would be interested in, you can find more information about how to sign up, here:

Burton and District Mind, we are listening, you are worth the help and together we'll find you help.


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