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The Big Burton Carousel Auction

Throughout the summer, Burton was home to 30 different beautifully designed carousel horses, all of which a part of The Big Burton Carousel. This trail was brought to us by the team over at Making Trails, you might also remember their previous trail of The Burton Swans a few years ago! For this year's trail, we at Burton and District Mind were delighted to be selected as the beneficial charity and we are so so grateful for this experience. It has been an absolute pleasure working with Tilley Bancroft and the rest of the Making Trails Team.

We also want to take this opportunity to show some appreciation to the Making Trails team who spent time ensuring the horses were looked after well, during their time out in Burton.

Wednesday the 19th saw the auction of The Big Burton Carousel Horses, and what a night it was for those involved! An amazing total of approximately £4,500 was raised through the auctioning of the horses which is fantastic! Thank you to everyone who either took part in setting the event up or to those who bid on the horses.

The impact this trail has had on our local community has been fantastic to see, especially seeing with so many people learning about an important part of Burton heritage that may have been unknown beforehand. Orton and Spooner were such a big part of our history, and hopefully this trail has inspired more and more people to take the opportunity to learn about them.

If you are interested in learning more about Orton and Spooner, we can’t recommend the Orton and Spooner book by Elaine Pritchard enough! Working with the families of both Orton and Spooner/people who worked with the men, she has truly captured the impact the men had on the fairground industry. It is a fantastic read! We also spoke with Elaine back in August which you can read here ->

Thank you again to the team over at Making Trails, we look forward to seeing trails you plan next!


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