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Time for yourself!

During the week, we may often find our lives become busy with what could be considered everyday life, whether you are working long hours, looking after family, studying. It is safe to say when things get going it can be very difficult to find time to look after yourself or do the things that will provide a positive boost towards your own mental health.

Over time, this can lead to a build-up of stress, anxiety, depression or any other mental health problem you are experiencing. This is why at Burton and District Mind we really want to encourage making the most out of the time that we do have, and supporting our mental health in the best way possible.

During this blog post we want to talk about ways that we all can support our mental health in nice, simple and easy to access ways over the weekend! Whilst this blog post may be specifically being suggesting to best utilise these methods, this is only because for many people the work-week ends on a Friday and as such the weekend is when they have the most free time. However, this list can really be completed on any day of the week, at any time! So please do not feel left out if you do not have time over the weekend!

1) Spending time with loved ones. This is such an important thing in life that we feel it needs to be at the top! Spending time with the ones we care about whether that is friends or family can truly be wonderful for your mental health. They can help give you an outlet to release any pent up emotions you may have, lend a helping hand in times of need or even just someone to have a laugh with.

2) Taking time alone! Now this may seem a bit odd considering we’ve just spoken about the importance of spending time with loved ones but it is just as important to take a break from people should you need one. For many people, they have jobs where they have to spend time talking and dealing with people a lot, which can be very exhausting. So we think it can be great for you to take that time to yourself, where you can relax, self-reflect and just distress.

3) Watching a film whether that be at the cinema or at home. To me there is no better escape when things are stressful than going down to the cinema and sitting back for a few hours and enjoying a whole new world!

4) Taking an enjoyable walk throughout nature. When things are overwhelming it truly can be fantastic to just head off outside, put in some earphones to listen to your favourite music, Podcast or even an audio book, and just walking. You can walk for however as long as you want whether its 30 minutes or 3 hours, just as long as you are taking in that time to absorb the fresh air around you.

5) Unplug from technology. It is safe to say, technology could be considered an essential part of our lives, whether it be for work or even just for fun! So sometimes just taking a break away from it all can ground us back into reality and also create way more appreciation for the things around us!

Why not try and give some of these ago and let us know if they had a positive impact on your mental health! And of course like previously mentioned, if you are busy over the weekend, these are all things that you can try and do throughout the week or whenever you get a chance too.


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