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World Mental Health Day

Monday the 10th of October will be World Mental Health Day 2022. Each year, this takes place to raise awareness for those struggling with mental health issues and discussing what many people may go through, as well as informing people as to what help is available. This will be the 30th Iteration of World Mental Health Day!

For every World Mental Health Day, a theme is selected, this year’s theme is ‘Make Mental Health and wellbeing for all a priority’.

This is something that we at Burton and District Mind certainly believe in, everyone from whatever background, religion, age, ethnicity deserves to have access to help for their mental health should they need it. We know that across Burton, Lichfield and Tamworth there is a lot of diversity and that is something we truly celebrate.

We are your Local Mind, and we are here for everyone. As part of that it is also why we actively make our services as accessible as possible as well as breaking the stigma around such issue.

On a national level it is always why we are asking for more support from our Government such as in the case of Mind’s #Fundthehubs campaign which is based around getting more support for young people when they may first begin experiencing mental health problems. Together we can ensure that everyone who needs help will have access to it.

Another big part of World Mental Health Day is helping to encourage anyone who may need it, to seek help. There is nothing wrong with asking for some support for your mental health, it is just as important as your physical health!

However, we also completely understand that sometimes it can feel difficult to make that first step, whether that be for any of the following reasons.

1) You may think that what you are experiencing will pass.

2) Feel like people need help more and by using our services you’ll be taking that opportunity away from others.

3) Unsure of what exactly you are feeling.

4) Concerns of how the people around you will think.

5) Worries about it affecting your personal life/career.

There may be other reasons too why you might feel a little apprehensive to seek help and that is okay. However, we want to ensure you that we will do everything that we can to provide you with the support you need in a safe judgement free zone through any of the many services we provide.

If you are worried you can always talk to us and express any concerns and see if it is something we can work through! You can contact us through any of the following ways; | 01283 566696

Let’s make this a World Mental Health Day a day to remember when it comes to raising awareness towards mental health and the support available!


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