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Anger Management for Adults

At Burton and District Mind, we are very proud of the variety in our services. When it comes to most things in life everyone is different and has different needs. Whether that be things like people preferring to seek support in a virtual capacity because that suits them better, we have our fantastic Virtual Peer Support Groups for that. Or for those that would prefer to be doing something physical and around people we have our amazing Eco-Therapy throughout the year too!

We often talk about how one of our goals is to help as many people as possible, which by having such a variety in services, we will be able to do and having something that’ll appeal to everyone.

In this week’s blog post, we are going to talk about our Anger Management for Adults Service!

In life it is completely normal to experience anger for many different reasons. Maybe you’ve been treated badly by someone, or it can be as simple as getting frustrated whilst playing a game. Or sometimes we can even feel angry and not know why. That is perfectly fine, we don’t always need to justify why were a feeling a certain way.

Sometimes anger can be a good thing and help us in several ways…

- Identify when we are unhappy with a situation

- Motivate us to do something. For example, someone has made you angry over something they’ve said about some work you’ve done. This could motivate you try and do even better next time!

- Challenge injustice or discrimination

- Keeping us safe in dangerous situations!

However, that is not to say anger can’t bring problems with it. For example, if we are unable to control our anger it can cause us to perhaps lash out and damage the things around us, such as relationships. It can cause us to be abusive or violent towards the people we care about.

Being angry about things can often cause us to have tunnel vision and only focus on the things causing that anger instead of the good.

This is why it is so important we learn how to manage and cope with our anger so that we can deal with it in a healthy manner! It is also important to keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with accepting you have trouble managing your anger and accepting support for it, it shows that you are willing to grow as a person.

"Talking, talking, talking over many years has helped immensely. Now I don't bottle it all up inside." This quote really highlights the importance of seeking support and instead of letting things build up, talking about the things causing you anger. The more things build up, the harder it will be to control.

At Burton and District Mind, we offer our Anger Management for Adults Service.

This is eight FREE weekly sessions with one of trained, highly qualified counsellors and can be done either virtually, face to face or in person.

We also want to take this opportunity to say thank you to the NHS who fund this vital service.

If this is something which you feel like you would benefit from, you can find more information about it and how you can sign up at the following link ->

If you are instead interested in learning about our other services you can also do this through this link ->

There is never anything wrong with asking for help.


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