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Announcing our new fundraising event: Fellowship of the Geeks

25 May 2024 will see over one hundred tabletop gaming enthusiasts come together in a feat of endurance - non-stop gaming for 24 HOURS to raise funds for Burton and District Mind.

Held at Geek Retreat Burton on Trent, and generously supported by Muddy Boots, Queen Street Community Centre, and Pirelli, contestants will have access to a massive free games library and be able to play games inviting people into their favourite hobby and be able to try new games. There will also be various contests and tournaments throughout the event, flavored to Lord of the Rings and other fantasy settings.

The event is arranged by brothers, Tom & Keri Lawrence, and Jermaine Jip at Geek Retreat Burton on Trent, repeating and building on a successful fundraiser for Brain Cancer Research Charities in 2023, which raised over £1,000.

People playing games at Geek Retreat

Keri is really excited about the event:

"Tabletop gaming is brilliant for mental health - we get to socialise, put life-stuff to one side, and escape into made-up intergalatic wars, or solve problems in grand fantasy settings for a few hours! It is a great release for millions of people worldwide. This event means we put all that to even more use through raising funds for local mental health projects."

Burton and District Mind recently completed a project called Sideways, which looked to explore how the charity to be more helpful to people with mental health problems who also have neurodiverse needs including dislexia, ADHD and traits relating to austism. All proceeds from the Fellowship of the Geeks event will be used as matchfunding to support grant applications for projects and services to help this emerging community.

Tickets are limited and can be purchased here, but act quick - it will sell out based on previous events.

You can also donate to support the event at - just leave a message stating Geeks so we can add it up, and we are looking for donations of games, hobby materials and other trinkets of interest - please email for more information. You can visit our partners at the links below:


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