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Events for Late May Bank Holiday

We have not one but TWO Late May Bank Holiday events for you lovely people!

Reggae Night

Our Reggae Night, hosted by our friends at Burton Caribbean Centre, is really gearing up for a great night - with incredible music - both reggae classics and a bit of dancehall to get you partying the whole night. We've put an amazing buffet on too. Other charities might have some stuffy old ball - but we all prefer a party!

Tickets are avaiable at just £9.99 for admission only, but we really recommend the buffet too which alone is worth the £19.99 ticket price.

AND, because variety is the spice of life... The Fellowship of the Geeks, 24 hour non-stop gaming event.

In partnership with Geek Retreat, we are playing board games, card games, roleplay, wargames and all manner of fantasy and sci-fi gaming!

Hey, someone brought and played Monopoly last year - its all welcome, however there's a whole library of fantasy and sci-fi games available to try out - a fest of games! Or bring your favourite game and get new people involved.

We are running an incredible raffle too - top prizes so far include a Bloodbowl team and an entire fully painted WH40K Ork army - this would easily value at over £1,000. But are are accepting all and any donations to support this - from unwanted cards and minitures, to hobby supplies or even some snacks to give us going through the long night!

£10 for entry only, and £20 for limited VIP ticket includes entry, a free exclusive mug (with free hot drinks all night!) and entry into our exclusive War of the 21 Armies event!


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