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Free Mindfulness Sessions

At Burton and District Mind, we offer Relaxation and Mindfulness services. Mindfulness techniques which you can learn, involve making a special effort to notice what is happening in the present moment (in your mind, body and surroundings) in a completely judgement free zone.

Whilst this technique has roots in Buddhism and meditation, you do not need to be spiritual or have any particular beliefs to try it out!

The benefits of Mindfulness include;

- Becoming more self-aware

- Feeling calmer and less stressed

- Feel able to choose how to respond to your thoughts and feelings

- Cope with difficult or unhelpful thoughts

- Be kinder towards yourself

We currently offer a small informal relaxation class where everyone is welcome. No previous experience is needed as it will be guided by Lalita, our own experienced mindfulness practitioner.

These classes have received very positive reviews!

“Thank you so much, you have a wonderful peaceful relaxing voice. Feeling/acknowledging my body I didn’t enjoy as much but was able to dissolve some pain to a degree. Your meditations are wonderful and improve my day to day well-being!”

We offer your first four sessions for free, but you will need to book in advance due to restriction on numbers.

You can refer yourself using the link here.


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