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Help us raise awareness!

At Burton and District Mind we are always very vocal towards our goal of making sure that everyone that needs support for their mental health has access to that help. Every year we are able to help a couple thousand people, and we want to make sure that we can continue to help more and more.

A big part in how we are doing that, is by hopefully raising awareness towards mental health across our social media, through sharing kind messages, information regarding services, real life mental health stories and supportive information that may help people to learn about what they are experiencing. Through doing this, we hope people will see our posts whilst scrolling through their feeds, and learn that there is help out there for them, or even help people to feel more comfortable about taking that first step and reaching out for support.

We see these pages as a way to provide a safe space where you can find support, inspiration and valuable resources for your mental health! We are working to create a culture of compassion and acceptance towards mental health, and breaking down some of the stigmas surrounding it!

We’d love to get as many people to join our social media communities as possible, so that we can all have a space that celebrates resilience and growth!

It really would mean the world to us if you could help us out by liking/sharing our posts when you see them! Hopefully through doing this, more and more people who may be in need of support will see our posts and know that help is out there.

Thank you to everyone who helps us out already by liking our posts and following our pages, it really does make a massive difference in ensuring more people will see our posts!

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Thank you!


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