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Support for your mental health

When it comes to mental health having people around you who you can talk to about your experiences with can often be a world of difference. It gives you that time and opportunity to feel less alone in what can usually be a very lonely experience.

At Burton and District Mind, we offer ways of helping people through this with our Peer Support groups. These are where people can share their own experiences to help each other. During which is completely up to them how much they wish to speak and connect during these groups. This way people can share when they feel ready to do so. However, it gives that opportunity to be around people in a safe judgement free environment.

These Peer Support Groups are something we have been very proud of and are fortunate to be funded through local businesses. One such business was All Wills and Trusts who donated £250 to keep our online Peer Support Group going, this has been supporting people through the pandemic and beyond. We are very thankful for this donation as it meant we can put more resources into this group and help even more people. We understand it’s completely reasonable to want the best possible care for your mental health and that is something we can assure you that we offer here at Burton and District Mind. Our team are experienced, qualified, and supervised. They provide help and support to anyone who needs it. Our peer support groups have been very well received in the past.

“I have been very impressed, especially during the pandemic, lots of services were not useable and closed but Mind were very accessible.”

“The group has helped guide me through. It helped put my feelings put into perspective and this made me feel very valid for having those thoughts. I enjoyed the goal setting at the end – it gives you something else to focus on. The dedication that was put into the group made me feel valued and was very appreciated.”

For more information on some of the different support groups that we have available and how to apply check this link out.

You can register to join either of the groups at:

At Burton and District Mind we are here for everyone so please talk to us, no matter what your situation is. Everyone deserves help and support.


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