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Taking the time to focus on our mental health

Sometimes with everything going on in life with work, family life and trying to maintain other important things, it can often lead to perhaps various other aspects of life being neglected. One such thing that people often do this with is mental health, perhaps by not making time for self care.

Take a few moments to go through the quotes below and see if they resonate with a feeling you’ve had or maybe you’ve shared the same outlook towards your mental health…

  • “Things are tough at the moment, but I’m sure it’ll be better in a few weeks.”

  • “I have too much going on right now to do anything about it.”

  • “I’m just feeling a bit down, I’m sure there are more people out there who have it worse off than me and need the help more.”

  • “What is talking about it going to do, it won’t just straight up fix everything.”

After reading those quotes and taking a moment to think about them do you feel like ever shared any of those feelings regarding your own mental health?

If so, this blog post is a reminder of the importance of putting your own mental health first. We understand that perhaps the idea of seeking support can be a bit daunting at first but through doing so you can experience many benefits throughout the other important parts of your life.

Maybe it’ll help you to communicate how you’re feeling in a more effective way to the people that you care about, and care about you. Perhaps you’ll begin to understand the boundaries that you need to set throughout life to truly support your well-being. 

And yes talking may not feel like it’ll straight up fix everything but sometimes just having that chance to talk about a difficult thing you are going through can make a world of difference. It can help to have your feelings validated, or even hear an alternative perspective. 

At Burton and District Mind, we understand things can be difficult right now, but we are here to get you through it. If you’re worried about not having time to do so, we can try and find something that does in fact work for you. 

Everyone deserves support for their mental health, no matter how big or small what you’re going through may feel. Even if it may seem small right now, there longer it is left unsupported the more chance it has of becoming a bigger more difficult thing to cope with later on. 

Burton and District Mind provide one to one Counselling and Coaching, Safe Haven at Tamworth, Peer Support Groups, and Listening Spaces at various events and regular places - like Burton Library.

So please talk to us today, it's as easy as a phone call, an email, or a few questions to register yourself...

01283 566696


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