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Time to Talk Day 2022

On Thursday 3rd of February, it will be Time to Talk Day, a national day dedicated to starting a conversation about mental health whether that's family, friends, with people in your social group or your workplace.

This year, Mind are joined by Rethink Mental Illness and Co-Op in getting to people talk about their mental health.

At Burton and District Mind, we see this as a very important day. We want people to be able talk to others about their mental health and we want people to not be worried about having to ask for help.

Starting this first conversation can be a massive step in helping more and more people feel like they can talk about their mental health, and together we can break down any other dangerous stigmas surrounding mental health.

Over the past few months, we have often spoken about these stigmas and the effects they can have towards mental health and recovery. For example, there are both social and self-stigmas which can often result in discrimination. More information about these stigmas are can be found here:

This needs to change. Time for Change is a long standing project across the UK thats challenges the stigma and discrimination of people with mental health problems.

This Time to Talk day, we believe together we can all begin to normalise mental health and asking for help. It should no longer be something to be feared to tell the people you care about how you are feeling or if you are struggling.

Maybe you will start a conversation, asking a family member how they are, or maybe text a friend and see if they’re doing alright?

If you would like to be involved, check this page out:

And like always, Burton and District Mind are here for you. We can provide a safe space, which is judgement free so that you can get the help that you need and deserve. Please talk to us, we are listening, you are worth the help and together we'll find you help.


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