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Tips to Deal with Anxiety

When times are tough, it can be very difficult to avoid getting overwhelmed.

Sometimes being overwhelmed manifests as Anxiety. Symptoms of anxiety can include feeling:

• tense and unable to relax

• a sense of dread

• that the world is speeding up or slowing down

• can’t stop worrying about the matter and that bad things will happen if they stop worrying

• that they are losing touch with reality

Here are some things that you can give a go to hopefully get you through:

Try and calm down your breathing, through slow controlled breaths. This can help keep your mind focused on that instead of whatever else is going on around you. It is suggested to try and practise these methods when you are in a calm state of mind so when the time comes you will be ready!

  1. Often when becoming upset it can be hard to not get caught up in the moment and escalate things further, thinking of every worst possible scenario. So this is why it could be good to try and think about why you are feeling this way and ask yourself questions such as

    1. · Is this likely to happen?

    2. · Is this a rational thought?

    3. · Has this ever happened to me before?

    4. · What can I do about this?

  2. Listening to something nice and calming whether that be music, a podcast or even just relaxing sounds can be a very good method when you are feeling extra stressed or anxious.

  3. Try and get some fresh air. Going through a nice walk outside or even sitting outside and trying to relax can be very helpful in times of stress and anxiety.

  4. Find someone to talk to. Allow yourself to say how you are feeling emotionally. Whether you are anxious or upset it can help express these feelings instead of keeping them locked up inside you. We can listen to you. You are worth the help and together we will find you the help. Contact us here. You can also find other mental health tips on the Mind website at


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