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World Mental Health Day!

Today, the 10th October, is World Mental Health Day!

This takes place every year, with the aim of raising awareness for those who are struggling with mental health and providing a safe space for people to talk about their own experiences. Through World Mental Health Day, we can take steps to normalise seeking support when we are struggling as well as educate people about how we can all support the people we care about when they are going through a difficult time.

Whilst raising awareness is very important, it is also just as important to act now and make sure that those who need it are able to get the right support for them. And we could really do with your help!

How can we do that?

One great first step would be signing Mind’s petition to Reform the Mental Health Act. Currently they are so close to reaching their goal of 27,000 (only 2,283 signatures away!). For those who are not aware, the Mental Health Act is the law in England and Wales which says when you can be detained (or sectioned) and receive mental health treatment against your will. It is not working and people who are detained under the act do not get enough say in the treatment that they receive.

The aim of the reform, is to make sure that people’s rights in regards to their mental health are strengthened, and they can have access to better support which will suit their needs.

You can find the petition here ->

There are lots of other ways you can begin to act now too!

Such as….

Supporting local mental health charities who provide vital support to your community. Getting involved and supporting us through fundraisers, coming to our events, donating, liking and sharing our social media posts truly does help us. We appreciate everyone who offers any kind of support to what we do.

Over the next few months we’ve got some exciting events coming up, like our Reggae Night or our Alton Towers Fun Run! Come and get involved, you’ll have a lot of fun whilst also supporting us to help more people.

You can find information on how you can support us here ->

Events ->

Fundraising ->

Donations ->

Thank you <3


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