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International Women's Day!

People across the world are coming together today, the 8th of March, to celebrate International Women’s Day. A day all about recognising the achievements made by women worldwide whilst also putting some focus on the challenges women globally face especially when it comes to the topic of Mental health…

This year’s theme for International Women’s Day is ‘Inspire Inclusion’. Inclusivity is something that can be heavily linked towards mental health and is something we often talk about. When we struggle to feel included or like we truly belong, that can have a big impact on our mental health.

This is why we truly think this is a wonderful theme for the day! And is hopefully something many of us will take with us going forward. Together we can make a more inclusive world for women and hopefully build up people’s feelings of inclusion and

According to Health Assured, women are twice as likely to be diagnosed with anxiety as men, and one in five women experience a mental health problem (compared to one in eight men). This is partly due to the many challenges that women can experience through their lives due to the lack of inclusivity, or equality. 

So what can we do to address this?

Break the stigmas! Society and expectations often play a large part in discouraging people from feeling able/wanting to seek support for their mental health. Through instead encouraging open conversations, and providing support without judgement we can hopefully break these stigmas so that no one struggles alone. 

Access to resources. It is so important that everyone who may be struggling with their mental health has access to mental health support and the vital resources that may help them.

Celebrating Resilience. It’s so important that we as a community celebrate the strength and resilience of women around the world, and highlight key stories of overcoming adversity. 

Challenging the people around us. If feel able to and comfortable doing so, challenging those around with viewpoints that may be misguided can be so important. This could be a chance to offer education to those. 

This International Women’s Day, let's come together and support women’s mental health and well-being! At Burton and District Mind we are here for everyone and will always provide safe, judgement-free support. You can find more information all about International Women’s Day here ->

If you are struggling, please reach out to us and we will help you…


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