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LGBT+ History Month!

At Burton and District Mind, we are firm believers that everyone should be able to be themselves and that they should be able to celebrate who they are! Diversity is great, and we are lucky to be a part of such a diverse community across Burton, Lichfield. Uttoxeter and Tamworth.

February is LGBT+ History month, and is an annual month-long celebration of the history of the LGBT+ community! According to the latest Census across England, there are now 1.5 million members of the LGBT+ Community across England, which is amazing!

Being able to embrace your LGBT+ identity can often be a very empowering experience and positively impact your well-being.

- Being a part of such a large community

- More freedom with your self-expression and self-acceptance

- Improved confidence

- Can improve relationships with the people around you.

During this month it is also important that we reflect on the difficulties that the LGBT+ communities have unfortunately experienced in the past and continue to experience today.

The LGBT+ community has long since been the target of much discrimination all across the world, and as such that can bring with it, a massive impact on their mental health. Unfortunately, due to the discrimination that can be aimed towards the LGBT+ community, has resulted in many people being more likely to experience things such as…

- Anxiety and depression

- Eating problems

- Low self-esteem

- Self-harm and suicidal thoughts

- Other mental health problems

This discrimination is something that we as a society need to stop. Everyone has the right to be themselves and should feel comfortable expressing that part of who they are. This is something that everyone regardless of whether or not you are a part of the LGBT+ Community can have an impact on.

Through showing support, educating ourselves, and pushing back against discrimination!

For anyone that is LGBT+ and is struggling with their mental health, please remember that you deserve support and respect, and your identity or background does not change that in any way. At Burton and District Mind, we will provide a safe, judgement-free environment, and our team will give you the compassionate care that you so deserve.

Please reach out to us today.


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